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Middle School Boys Navy Schedule 

December 7      St. Michael Jamboree       Away    TBA ( will play 2 games that day).  W/L

December 12     Palmetto Academy          HOME     6:00PM    Won  

January 4          Trinity Byrnes           Away        1:00PM # Won 30-11

January 10       Low Country Prep    Away      6:00PM  Won  48-22

January 13     Palmetto Academy      Away      6:00PM   Won 38-23 

January 22     St. Andrew         HOME   6:00PM

January 24    Carolina Forest Community Church   Away   7:30PM 

January 27    Coastal Academy    Away   6:00PM

January 29     Low Country Prep      HOME   6:00PM

January 30      St. Andrew       Away    6:00PM

February 3     Coastal Academy     HOME  6:00PM

February 6    Conway Christian     HOME  6:00PM

Coaches: Austin Guyton & Shep Guyton 

Middle School Girls Schedule 

December 7       St. Michael Jamboree     Away     TBA (will play 2 games). L/L

December 12     Palmetto Academy      HOME      5:00PM     Won 23-8

January 10       Low Country Prep        Away      5:00PM  Lost 12-17

January 13     Palmetto Academy         Away    5:00PM   Won 6-3

January 21     St. Michael                      Away     5:00PM

January 22     St. Andrew                   HOME    5:00PM

January 29    Low Country Prep    HOME   5:00PM

January 30    St. Andrew      Away     5:00PM

February 5    St. Michael     HOME     5:00PM

February 6    Conway Christian   HOME   5:00PM

Head Coach: Patrick Owens 

Middle School Boys Red Schedule


December 7        St. Michael Jamboree        Away      TBA (Will Play 2 games that day)    W/ W
December 12      Palmetto Academy            HOME      4:00PM     Won  40-34
January 10         Low Country Prep        Away       4:00PM   Won 42-8
January 13        Palmetto Academy.        Away       4:00PM   Won
January 21         St. Michael         Away      4:00PM
January 22         St. Andrew        HOME     4:00PM
January 27         Coastal Academy     Away   5:00PM
January 29         Low Country Prep     HOME    4:00PM
January 30         St. Andrew         Away       4:00PM
February 3         Coastal Academy      HOME    5:00PM
February 5         St. Michael      HOME       4:00PM
February 6        Conway Christian    HOME    4:00PM
Head Coach: Ben Guyton. & Marty Elkes & Meredith Hall
Middle School Boys   Gold Team 
December  14          11:00am      HOME      Lost 12-28 
December 21           11:00am     HOME     Lost 30-39
December 28           11:00am    HOME(make up date is 1/10/20)  Lost  15-27
January 4                 11:00am      HOME   Lost 16-24
January 11               11:00am      HOME Won 28-26 OT
January 18               11:00am       HOME Lost 24-28
January 25               11:00am        HOME
February 1                11:00am        HOME
 Belin Methodist Church  League.  All games are played on Saturday morning 11:00 at Butler Gym ( CA Campus)
Head Coach: Jason Warren