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Anna Guilliams
Anna Guilliams
Spanish I, II, and III; Spanish Grades K-2
Employed Since: 8/17/2012
6 Years Experience At School
  • College Coastal Carolina University (2010)
  • Post-Graduate Coastal Carolina University (2012)

Anna Guilliams has been teaching at Christian Academy since 2012.  She teaches High School Spanish I, II, and III.  Señorita Anna attended Coastal Carolina University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, a minor in International Studies, and a Master’s in Learning and Teaching with a specialization in Literacy.  During her career, she has had the pleasure of teaching English classes in foreign countries through the International Missions Board and tutored adult English Language Learners in Horry County. One of her favorite things about Christian Academy is the opportunity that this school gives to celebrate Jesus in every subject area. She loves to spend time with her family, her church family, and volunteer with Go!, a children’s nonprofit that she has been working with
since 2002.