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A Christian Academy Experience

In 1998 when my wife Piper and I were deciding where to send our oldest son Jordan to school, we visited all the local options both public and private. Despite being somewhat ambivalent at best and reluctant at worst, I went with Piper’s preference to enroll him at Christian Academy, which at the time was operating out of a converted funeral home and had less than forty students. Twenty years later I now realize that all four of our children (Jordan, Nolin, Mary Chandler and Allen) received an amazing Christian education that equipped them with the tools to be successful in college and beyond. I also now recognize that the person who benefited the greatest from our family’s involvement in the school was me. I was blessed with the opportunity to serve on the Board of Trustees and be involved in the athletic program serving as a basketball coach and booster. I got to serve in those capacities with some of the most impressive individuals that I have ever encountered; these people who have inspired me immensely in my faith journey. I became a better husband, father and physician because of these relationships that continue to this day, two years after our youngest son’s graduation. I will forever be grateful for God’s blessings on this wonderful school and for this school’s impact on our family.

In Christ,
Dr. Clark Butler