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Student Govrnment brings together representatives from grades 4 -12th grades, who under the guidance of the officers, recommend and plan activities that affect student life.  Through the process of elections, students experience the concept of representative democracy.  At the monthly meetings, Student Govenrment members learn about Christian Leadership.  They are taught Jesus’ master principle:  True greatness, true leadership is founding giving yourself in service to others, not by having others serve you.  This principle is carried into the community where Student Government members partner with local organizations to bring awareness to issues these agencies face.  They also sponsor donation drives to benefit these agencies.  For example, we have recently partnered with the local Humane Society and Community Kitchen.  Other activities Student Government is directly involved in are planning Spirit Week, decorating during Homecoming, recognizing teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, fundraising, and candy cane Greetings.  Student Government truly embodies God’s Word and the spirit of servanthood.