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Faith with Feet is the missions initiative across grades K-12 at Christian Academy.  The primary goal of Faith with Feet is to foster in students a Biblical worldview in which they carry out the Great Commission, learning about different people and a variety of ministries around them and around the world.  In grades K-5, students will learn about ministries and participate in small service projects that might benefit the ministry. (i.e. Soles for Souls, Help 4 Kids, Habitat for Humanity)  In grades 6-8, students continue to learn about various ministry opportunities and also begin to have more hands-on service opportunities.  In grades 9-10, students are required to serve for a minimum of 18 hours. During the junior and senior year, students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of community service, with a culminating foreign mission experience during the senior year.  Christian Academy students will learn to present the gospel in multiple situations.  Our prayer is that Christian Academy students will learn to live beyond themselves, growing outside their comfort zones, while developing a greater appreciation for those in need and those who may be different from them culturally.