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The activities and services that PTF supports are made possible because of volunteers like you!  Our annual budget is generated from the financial support of our CA families and our community.  The majority of our financial support is from CA’s S.E.A.S.  events.  We encourage each family to attend and volunteer in some way for this event.

Some of the ways PTF has supported Christian Academy in the past has included:

Providing all teachers with start-up money and Christmas Bonuses

Providing food for teacher in service lunches

Purchasing Spirit Shirts for each CA student and faculty member

Organizing Teacher Appreciation week

Helping with an annual Grandparents Day Celebration

Raising/providing funds to offset the cost of Field Trips

Funding the PTF/Jean Meyers Scholarship

Hosting Graduation receptions & providing grads with Bibles and Keepsakes

This is only a sample of the activities that PTF supports.  With the help of many, PTF will continue to do all of the above and more! 

        To make all of this possible...WE NEED YOU! 

        Please visit our website to see where you can plug in.


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